Your Top 7 Questions...

1.  I’m computer-savvy, can’t I just do the deployment myself – or have someone on my team do it?

Absolutely! If you have the time, Salesforce has you covered. The Salesforce platform is so massive that we refer to it as an “ecosystem.” If you devoted yourself solely to the platform, the learning curve would be several months and success will vary.

VitalOpps’s service accelerates the process, and helps eliminate the variable success rate. We bring with us the benefits of outside perspective, as well as Salesforce and small business expertise.

When we work together, you choose a designated project leader from your organization to be the main point of contact throughout the deployment. This helps streamline the communication and learning process, and maximizes your time.

2.  What’s the best way to ensure a successful deployment?

This answer is two-fold, and requires thinking about the deployment in terms of a relationship.

First, VitalOpps is committed to providing a timely plan and a trusted process – both of which consistently deliver strong results.

And second, our most successful clients – those who appreciate the greatest returns on their investment – bring something indispensable to the deployment; they are open to change. They trust that they can evolve, and together we progressively find ways to further the platform to their best advantage so that more aspects of their business are centralized in this one place.

As a result, these clients become more effective and efficient, and experience ever-deepening insight into vital business drivers 

3.  With what types of companies and organizations does VitalOpps work?

We work with emerging and small businesses, spanning a wide range of industries. Within this sphere, we serve two distinct types of clients.

  1. The In-House Expert: This client has a designated team member who will, with our help, become the in-house Salesforce expert. This person is the project leader, and to conclude the deployment process, we train him/her to effectively manage the platform.

  2. The Multi-Hats: This client’s organization is typically an emerging business. The team is likely small, and everybody wears a variety of hats. These folks are already working at their capacity, and they don’t have a designated individual to manage Salesforce. In this case, we continue to help them in the long run, through a variety of on-going and evolving services.

4.  Does VitalOpps have experience working in my industry?

This is one of our favorite questions because the answer is somewhat surprising. As our expertise is dually focused in Salesforce and small business, we naturally have a breadth of experience working with various types of small businesses, from an innovative tankless water heater company to one of the world’s most successful travel publishers, and various industries in between.

However, we’re also committed to depth of understanding. For that reason, if we do have experience in your industry, it’s very infrequent that we draw upon it. In order to deeply and thoroughly meet your Salesforce needs, we approach learning your process with the openness and flexibility of a beginner’s mind.

While we may be very familiar with your industry, we do not bring preconceptions or biases about how we think you probably do business. We’ve found that such assumptions actually do clients a disservice. In other words, we don’t pretend to know your way of doing business, because we don’t. Through our process, we discover your way of doing business, and then we can best serve you.

5.  What does VitalOpps like about working with small businesses?

Many Salesforce consulting partners start in the emerging and small-medium business spaces to “cut their teeth,” before scaling to the mid-market. We’ve chosen not to follow that path, and have developed a knack for understanding the many and varying needs of small businesses.

We also enjoy the relationships that grow from the level of engagement we’re able to offer in the small business sector.

Ultimately, tailoring the Salesforce platform for small businesses is fulfilling for us, because we’re able to directly see our clients’ businesses evolve and benefit from our working relationship.

6.  I’ve had mixed experiences with consultants; what’s the VitalOpps approach to consulting?

We see ourselves as experienced guides throughout your deployment. Integral to a successful deployment – one that leaves you empowered with tools you can use to expand your effectiveness – is focus.

We don’t complicate your deployment with unnecessary twists and turns. Instead, we learn your process while sticking to ours. Our process is both established and versatile, committed and evolving.

7.  VitalOpps is based in Asheville, but my company isn’t. Is it possible to do this work remotely, and do it well? 

We never underestimate the value of face-to-face interactions, and welcome every opportunity to meet our clients. 

Yet, effectively conducting business remotely is what the cloud is all about, and remote delivery is a core component of our business model; it works, and it works well. 

We don’t choose our team members based on their locations, and we don’t recommend choosing your consulting partner simply because they’re down the street. In fact, one of the most valuable things we bring to our clients is the ability to extend their resource pool beyond what's close at hand - this often results in brighter talent, a better price point, or both.

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