Reid Pichard | President

I see my role as a consultative one – although I confess to an aversion to the term “consultant.” When I say that I’m a consultant, I mean that I help guide businesses through the deployment process, using a combination of my Salesforce and small business expertise. This way, VitalOpps can tailor the platform into a useful, adaptable force that fits each business’s needs.

VitalOpps is small, lean, and nimble; we always have an eye on the rapidly evolving horizon for more efficient ways to do more with less, for smarter ways to work.

Because we run every aspect of our operations on Salesforce – the one platform we deploy – we are positioned to tailor, fine-tune, and train our clients to improve their businesses with that same platform.

CRM deployments don’t have to be complicated, nor does a company need to deploy every available bell and whistle. Our intention with our clients is not to use every tool in the box, but to help them use the best tools for the task at hand.

Stacey Cogswell

I am passionate about technology, authenticity, and people. I believe the best companies stay on the developing edge of technology, while adapting existing tried and true methods.

Elizabeth James

I develop deep partnerships with my clients, and value transparency and collaboration. In my work, I especially enjoy bridging the gap between business partners and technology teams in communicating business needs, identifying holes and designing solutions, and wearing many hats in cross-functional teamwork.

Chris Mobbs

I have broad, hands-on experience in CRM administration and integration, accounting and controls, budgeting and forecasting, and policy development. I enjoy problem-solving within highly technical environments, finding cost-effective and innovative solutions.