From Cluster to Christmas

Deena Baker, Sales & Marketing

We deployed Salesforce in 2015 with another company, and after three-plus years of working with it, Salesforce had become a cluster of unusable customizations that created a barrier between what we had and what we wanted.

When one of our higher-ups got the idea of building a Salesforce client portal so that our manufacturers could access and import data - and so that field sales reps could have information in real time - we were excited to take our Salesforce usage to the next level. It was a great idea, was well within Salesforce’s capabilities, and was an absolute mess to execute.

In the search for a new Salesforce consultant, the thing that stood out about VitalOpps was Reid.

Reid asked probing questions - it was clear his curiosity was piqued - and he made sure to have a thorough understanding of where we wanted to take the project.

By the time we had a statement of work, we were actually excited about the project again - something I would not have thought possible. But then, many things we thought wouldn’t be possible are possible now, and I actually love Salesforce again.

Our business challenges are as unique as our business structure, and our VitalOpps project leader, Chris, was attuned to this.

As the project grew and evolved, he gained an astute understanding of our needs, and was able to make crazy-useful, practical suggestions. He fixed the “system bloat” caused by those unnecessary customizations, and he took the time during our calls to make sure I understood the hows and whys of what he was doing, so that I’d be able to manage those things going forward.

A standard conversation would go something like this: 

Us: It would be really cool if we could do X.
VO: Okay, this is how we do it.

I began to think of Chris as Santa Claus. He didn’t just say “yes.” He delivered.

VitalOpps has a thorough and complete understanding of Salesforce as a whole; this expertise, when coupled with their grasp of our unique business process, kicked up our Salesforce functionality the next 29 levels.

Somebody at our office is going to brainstorm something new to do in Salesforce, and when they do I’ll be working with VitalOpps again.

Salesforce is so complex and multifaceted that unless that’s your main job, you’re always going to need somebody who understands it. Going through a project like this, you get to know people on a personal level. The VitalOpps team is personable, fun, and engaging. I can’t sing their praises enough; they are my go-to people.

CartierWilson represents manufacturers of performance, industrial, and engineering plastics and plastics accessories. In addition to working in the field with end-users, they also provide training, education, and marketing for each manufacturer.

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