Blue Diamond Attachments

Blue Diamond Attachments is widely recognized in the global attachment industry as a trusted and reliable company. Managing 57,000 square feet of finished inventory space and an additional 18,000 square foot final assembly space, the company has a reputation for rapid ship processing and delivery of high quality products backed by their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Blue Diamond has been using Salesforce since 2012 and working with VitalOpps since 2014. They continue to advance their functionality and capabilities with Salesforce to support their business needs and growth.

Joel Kennedy, Inside Sales/ Salesforce Admin
Blue Diamond Attachments

One of the most rewarding results of our work with VitalOpps has been our shift from a reactive stance to a proactive one. From formerly using Salesforce as “an expensive filing cabinet,” we have now transitioned to using it to run every process in our sales/customer service/ and product support departments. Automatically taking the leads from our website, instantly assigning them to a rep, and allowing for scheduled follow-up is just a small example of this.

Now our conversions look very different – they occur more quickly, without the headache, and there are more of them. We’ve recently been able to target our lead-generation by segmenting leads out by industry; this enables us to nurture leads very specifically, and is something we could not have done without the help of VitalOpps.

Watching our sales information growing in Salesforce is satisfying, yes, but even more rewarding is the fun we have with our VitalOpps consultant, pushing the boundaries of what Salesforce can do for us. The VitalOpps level of expertise has helped us get ahead of our market segment, and of every process where we apply our focus.

VitalOpps has also opened our eyes to the possibilities of Salesforce. When we wanted to bring our warranty process into Salesforce, Chris was able to take the idea from us and integrate it in Salesforce and on our site. Chris continually comes up with innovative solutions for our requests, and Reid has taken good care of us any time we’ve encountered a snag or an issue, working quickly and capably to get us back on track.