I personally tend to make things bigger and harder than they need to be. Salesforce can be overwhelming, and I don’t know where to start. I always use VitalOpps now in these cases. They’re able to listen and see what we need.

— Kathy Thornhill —

It’s a great relief to know we have VitalOpps to help us unlock Salesforce’s potential. The majority of folks out there using Salesforce need this kind of connection. 

— Central Elevator Inspection Services —

Our VitalOpps Project Lead is a pleasure to work with; she gives us superlative service. She’s also attentive and thoughtful; after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, she checked on each of us at the office. That gesture meant a lot to us.

— Robert Iliceto —

VitalOpps guided us through the Salesforce deployment and understood what we needed from Salesforce before we did.

— Sircle Laboratories —