QuickStart deployments are predefined packages designed to meet common initial needs in a proven and thorough process.

These are useful for companies who need to get up and running on Salesforce in a hurry. For some small businesses, a QuickStart may be all they ever need.

For others, QuickStarts are a great starting point, laying a solid foundation for the company to demand more from Salesforce at their own developing rate. Many of these QuickStart clients choose to add services later as their needs evolve. For clients who want to minimize long-term cost by managing internally, we offer in-depth System Administration Training so they can become fully self-sustained. 


All QuickStart packages include the following core milestones that you’ll find in Custom Deployments:

  1. Business Process Review
  2. Custom Configuration
  3. Data Import
  4. Customized End User Training & Documentation
  5. Custom Reports and Dashboards

These milestones allow us to tailor your QuickStart so that the results are the right fit for your business.

Professional Edition QuickStart
Enterprise Edition QuickStart
Enterprise QuickStart Plus
Pardot QuickStart
Professional Edition + Pardot QuickStart
Enterprise Edition + Pardot QuickStart

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