ICs in the Field, Admins in the Office


Kathy Thornhill, Office Manager

Creating something effective and streamlined within Salesforce for our business was complex, because we have different requirements based on the jurisdiction we’re working in - not only are the requirements different between each state, but they’re also different within one state. 

So you can see it’s very nuanced, but this didn’t scare or frustrate VitalOpps.

We had deployed Salesforce with another company, and its configuration had reached its limit. We were struggling to make sure that everyone in the company had the latest information; at the time, only our administrators had access to Salesforce, but our independent contractors in the field needed certain information, too.  

I tried to find answers on my own in training modules and online communities, and it was overwhelming and inefficient.

Don’t we all have software on our computers or apps on our phones that we use to about 1% of their capability? We didn’t want Salesforce to be like that for us. We were offered a fresh perspective when working with VitalOpps. 

VitalOpps has the ability to take big concerns and broad views and narrow them down into functional, beneficial, practical solutions. They are excellent at listening and then saying, “this is the piece you need to tackle right now to move forward.” 

In other words, they have an eye for the essential. 

Plus, because we’re a small business, everyone here is wearing multiple hats outside of their technical “roles.” Although I am the lead person at the company who works with Salesforce, other team members use it as well. Along the way, we put different folks into the process to make sure everybody was interpreting things the same way, and that everyone was able to see what they needed to see. VitalOpps worked well with all the different personalities and needs.

In these ways, VitalOpps has been a powerful tool to help us unlock the potential of Salesforce.

I call on VitalOpps as I need to, and will use them again in the future as we grow and see something that needs to be expanded. It’s a great relief to know we have them as a trusted partner. 

Central Elevator Inspection Services is a multi-generational family-owned elevator inspection business serving Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.