Conversion Rate + Connectivity

Carolina Guardiola, Call Center Manager

We chose Salesforce because we wanted to have the best CRM - and because Salesforce is HIPAA-compliant - but we had no idea how customize it to meet our specific needs.

Kerrie, our VitalOpps Project Lead, was able to structure our data in the most simple and effective way, suggesting report structures, views, and features that have served us well. Having restructured and clean data helps our bottom line, because each duplicate or wrong entry that is discovered is replaced by our lead provider.

Prior to VitalOpps’s help, we were throwing money away on bad leads. 

The VitalOpps deployment was very positive and we continue to work with them today. Kerrie consistently makes creative suggestions that enhance Salesforce for us, improving our conversion rate and customer satisfaction at the call center. As a result, we can easily record how calls went, mark them successful, and run reports to monitor how we’re doing.

Our associates now have access to our pitches in the patient record; which helps them stay on-brand and on-message. 

Once early in the process we had a data hiccup that we couldn’t figure out - the wrong information populated in our patient records. What had been a two-week problem for us was fixed almost immediately, once we involved VitalOpps. From that experience, we learned to involve them much sooner! 

They’ll troubleshoot with us - are responsive, good at time management, thorough, and can grasp big-picture ideas and small details at the same time.

Salesforce is a great tool, but without VitalOpps it wouldn’t serve us nearly as well as it does. Their intimate knowledge of the platform makes them an indispensable part of our team. 

Sircle Labs is a start-up with the need for nimble processes the manage our customer data. The company is headquartered in Mississippi, with management in Florida, with a call center in Puerto Rico. Because their team is in different locations, they rely heavily on technology to help them run a streamlined business.